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    Conditional Drop Down Lists



      Conditional Drop Down Lists




      I have a database with which I would like to have a conditional drop down list based on the choice in another field.


      Here is my example data:

      Locations Sites

      Location A Site A

      Location A Site B

      Location B Site C

      Location B Site D


      In a sepreate table I have many fields but also Location and Site.  I have defined a relationship for Locations between the two tables.  What I would like to do next is have a "conditional" drop down list in the second table for Sites that depends on my choice for Locations:


      If I choose Location A, I would like the drop down to display only Site A and Site B

      If I choose Location B, I would like the drop down to display only Site C and Site D.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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          Here's a thread on setting up conditional value lists:

          Custom Value List?


          If you can't get that to work for you, post back and we'll take a closer look at it.

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            I can set up the conditional value list with Site A, Site B, Site C, and Site D but this is not really a feasible route to take (I actually have 10 Locations and 50-60 sites).


            What I really want is to when I Choose Location A, only have a drop down with Site A and Site B, not all four.  I want my choice of a drop down list to be conditional of what I choose for Location. 

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              That's exactly what the other thread describes doing.


              Using a relationship, your value list is restricted to show only certain values as determined by a value in another field. In this case the selected location will limit the list of sites and this can be done if you set up your conditional value list as described in the thread I posted.


              Please try it and let me know if you encounter problems making it work.