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Conditional Drop Down Lists (small problem)

Question asked by ChrisWelsh_3 on Jan 7, 2015
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Conditional Drop Down Lists (small problem)



I have two drop down lists, one populates according to what is selected in the other. In this case the user chooses a "class", then the other list populates with possible "class dates".

This is then put online through IWP for people to signup for classes. It all works rather well save for one hiccup.

If a person chooses a class, then chooses a date...THEN decides to change the class, it retains the date previously picked in the field.

Now if they drop the menu down, the correct dates ARE populated in the list...but the previous date picked for the previous class is showing active in the field thus if they see that date and decide that's the date they want then they will submit without dropping down to see other dates and it will submit the previously picked date for the previously picked class which isn't valid for the new class they chose.

I need for it to clear the "class date" field when the "class" is selected so, if they are looking through the classes and select a date but decide to choose another class, the previously selected date will not be in the field and they must choose from the new list of class dates...I hope thats clear...any suggestions?