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    Conditional field



      Conditional field


           Hi all,

           I've created a conditional field in my database. It says roughly:

           if field named complete = 'No', today's date - start date, if not end date - start date

           It is to work out how long a process takes to complete.

           If I press OK, the calculation works fine and it tells me how many days there are depending on if complete = No or not. The difficulty I have is that tomorrow when I come into work, it doesn't recalculate. The file needs to be left open so the only way I can get the recalulation is if I close and reopen the file. It then looks at today's date then works from there.

           Is there any way I can get the field to auto calculate rather than on open?

           Thanks for any help in advance!!

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               Make sure that this is a field of type calculation, not a number field with an auto-enter calculation. If you set it up as an auto-enter calc, just change it to type calculation and you'll find that your calculation is still in place in this new field type.

               2) Double click the field in Manage | Database | Fields to open the specify calculation dialog. Click the Storage Options button. Select that the calculation be an unstored calculation field and now it will update automatically with each new day.

               Note, changing the field to unstored is necessary, but it may affect performance of any sorts and searches on this field and could prevent relationships that match to this field from working.