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Conditional field

Question asked by jackmac on Oct 11, 2012
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Conditional field


     Hi all,

     I've created a conditional field in my database. It says roughly:

     if field named complete = 'No', today's date - start date, if not end date - start date

     It is to work out how long a process takes to complete.

     If I press OK, the calculation works fine and it tells me how many days there are depending on if complete = No or not. The difficulty I have is that tomorrow when I come into work, it doesn't recalculate. The file needs to be left open so the only way I can get the recalulation is if I close and reopen the file. It then looks at today's date then works from there.

     Is there any way I can get the field to auto calculate rather than on open?

     Thanks for any help in advance!!