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    Conditional Field Display



      Conditional Field Display


           I need help with a layout in which I'm looking to display a field based on the contents of another field. For example if the field contains the data  "A",  I want to display "Apple" on the screen or in the report.

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               From such a simple description, there are multiple possible approaches. The details you  haven't shared may dictate one approach as a better option than another.

               A calculation field can return different values for field 2 based on the value of field 1:

               Case ( Field1 = "A" ; "Apple" ;
                          Field1 = "B" ; "Bannana" ;
                         and so forth.... )

               A related table can store the values you want to conditionally display and then Field 1 can be a match field in a relationship:

               MainTable::Field1 = LookUpTable::Field1

               And then you could have a number of records in LookUpTable with values such as:

               Field 1      Fruit Field
               A             Apple
               B             Bannana

               You would then place the Fruit Field from LookUpTable on your MainTable layout to conditionally display your data.

               The calculation may be a bit easier to set up, but if you may need to modify what data is conditionally displayed from time to time, the lookup table can be edited as a simple data entry task where changing the calculation requires someone with developer skills to redefine the calculation.

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                 I have a similar question, but let me write down what I'd like to achieve:

                 I have a drop-down box (in fact a simple "static" selection).
                 If one of the values pop's up (let's say "Education"), I'd like to show another field, containing a related selection with the "Courses" one could choose (At this moment, I don't care yet, whether the second "conditional field" is another Static Selection or fields showing from a table). 

                 Is that possible?
                 If so, can anyone explain how to achieve this?