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Conditional field overwrite upon import....

Question asked by paulayala on Oct 10, 2012
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Conditional field overwrite upon import....


     I have 3 dynamic excel files that I export and save to my desktop daily by logging in to a website to do so.I then import the 3 excel files to one filemaker db. I have established a button with a script to import them.

     The excel files are incomplete data I bring together to make complete profiles. Some of the fields are still missing data when filemaker receives the import. Some aren't. For those that are missing, I manually fill the data in to complete the profiles.

     1. How do I set a condition that tells filemaker to not overwrite a field containing data, but also add new records as profiles are added on original export? If fields on existing records were blank but now contain data upon new import, I would like the field imported. Likewise, if key fields are missing I would like to omit the record from import all together. Especially if I've deleted the record for the profile in filemaker, but the mostly blank profile is still in the excel export.

     2. What is the proper import setup? Currently I have the mapping for my 3 tables, update existing records, add remaining as new, and perform auto-enter options.

     3. Is there a way to set filemaker to automate the export/save/import process from beginning to end? This is probably just wishful thinking, but I why not.

     Thanks in advance!