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Conditional Field Viewing in List

Question asked by E221b on Feb 23, 2009
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Conditional Field Viewing in List


So I have a fairly complex set of things I want to be able to show or hide on my list/report layout with different formattings.


Here are the variables:

I have a lighting cue, with cue number X. It can have an up time U, a down time D, an up delay U*, a down delay D*


It can have a time T and a delay Y.

If it has a time T (with or without Y), it cannot have U,D,U*, or D*.

However, the cue can have a combination of U,D,U*,D* - each combination would have a different type of formatting.


I realize that this might be confusing, so I'll post a pic of the ui that I'm trying to (vaguely) emulate:




The cue times are in rectangles, the delays are not, and the size and position of the rectangles change depending on what different variables are in play.


I realize this may not be possible to do (especially for a beginner like me), any help of thoughts would be appreciated (even if it's to say "no way")