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Conditional fields

Question asked by ClaireLove on May 23, 2014
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Conditional fields


     I am creating a form for users to enter change orders for contracts. I have a "change order" table (parent) with the customer name and type of change ("CRType" is this field and addition, deletion, modification are the values) and a "change order detail" table (child) with the details of what they're changing which is entered by product, month and year (for example, adding ABC product in March 2014). The change order detail is a portal in the change order record. 

     Everything is working great except that there are certain fields that only need to be shown based on the type of change order. (as indicated by value in CRType at the parent record level) For example, if delete is selected as the type, we have to show the "Approved by" field. I see that I can hide the object but only for a boolean value. I want to make it based on an "If CRType =" condition. 

     Can someone provide direction on this or point me to a resource?