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Conditional FIlter portal setup

Question asked by ultranix on Sep 21, 2014
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Conditional FIlter portal setup


Hey, I'm trying to setup conditional filter portal, i.e. I have two global fiels: PAY::xaction_type and PAY::xstatus and I want only those records to appear, that meet criteria corresponding to those fields.

I created a portal, which is based on Table OBJECT_Pay with filter calculation:

If (IsEmpty (PAY::xaction_type); OBJECTS::contract_action = "*"; OBJECTS::contract_action = PAY::xaction_type) &
If (IsEmpty (PAY::xstatus); OBJECTS::status = "*"; OBJECTS::status = PAY::xstatus)

But it doesn't work. My idea here would be if PAY::xaction_type (or PAY::xstatus) is empty, then it wouldn't filter by that field and show all records, and when either one or both fields have values, then it would filter by them. How do I achieve that?