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Conditional Filtering a portal

Question asked by x94bp6ru6 on May 7, 2010
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Conditional Filtering a portal


any easy way to search or filter portal rows?


I've got a self-relationship portal that displays each records as a portal.


Is there a way I can create a search box with a drop down menu next to it (for type)


and I can choose filter by which field,  and after entered, only records in the type choosen has matching data will show up in the portal.


sorry for my bad english..  Hope the following'll help a little on understanding my bad writing


FieldA   FieldB    FieldC  

1               q              cab

2               e              cat

2               sde           cat


then in the dropdown menu , I can select to filter by fieldA with text "2"

and only 2nd and 3rd row will show up in the portal


if select filter by fieldC  and enter ca

ony 1st and 3rd will show up


select by fieldB, using text sde

only 3rd will show up



thanks in advance