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Conditional Fomatting - Using Calculation Functions

Question asked by blewvelvet on Feb 5, 2013
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Conditional Fomatting - Using Calculation Functions


     I'm having difficulty understanding how to use the Calculation areas for Text. Especially, finding "partial text" in a field. Can anyone recommend a good place that clearly explains with examples how to use them?

     For instance, I have a Unique ID field that has the text in it "ADMIN 01-13" which means its a record specifically for the month of January 2013.

     I'm looking for a way to conditional  change a Text button to RED if the current record is selected here. I already have a conditional that makes it red if the current date equals the current month's record:

     MonthName ( aPROJECTS::TODAYS DATE ) = "January"

     Which works great!

     But would like to have a conditional above that that basically says...if the unique ID has the text "01" in it..then make it red.

     I just find it difficult to figure out which of the calculation functions would be the one to choose to use....It's just not clear to know which one to start with on finding a partial text within a field.