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    Conditional Footnotes?



      Conditional Footnotes?



           I have a very simple report that is just a list of member names, no subsummaries, etc.  Some members are deceased and have an asterik by their names.  In Preview Mode, I want to have the text "*Deceased" in the footer, but only on the pages which have a deceased member listed.

           I attempted condition formatting and a summary field.  But the summary field doesn't give me a count per page.

           FMP12, btw.

           Any ideas would be great appreciated!

           Thank you!

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               Are there any sliding fields on your layout?

               If there are no sliding fields on your layout, you can set up a sub summary layout part to use in place of the footer that appears once at the bottom of each page and then your summary field can count just the records on that page to determine if any are deceased.

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                 Thanks for responding!

                 There are sliding fields, unfortunately.  However, even if they weren't sliding, what would I have the sub summary layout part summarize by that wouldn't show the summary after each entry and instead only once at the bottom?

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                   If no fields resize/reposisiton via sliding, the number of records becomes predictable. Then this calculation can compute the page on which a given record will appar:

                   Ceiling ( Get ( RecordNumber ) / NumbRecordsPerPage )

                   When you sort on the value in this field (Either update it with Replace Field contents or make it unstore), you make it possible for a sub summary layout part to appear at the bottom of each page and you can include summary fields that compute subtotals for just the records on the page in that sub summary layout part.

                   But this becomes nearly impossible if you have sliding fields as the number of records per page is no longer predictable.