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Conditional Format Entire Portal Row Text Color

Question asked by chocophile on Jul 11, 2014
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Conditional Format Entire Portal Row Text Color


     I have a portal of customer interactions, and I'd like to conditionally format the entire row based on the value of one field.  For example, if the interaction is complete I'd like all fields in that row to have a text color of gray.

     I'm aware of the Self function, and I used that to change the background color of the whole row.  I moved the "Complete" field to the far left column of the portal, left justified, and extended its length all the way across the row, then sent it to back.  I conditionally formatted the background color to gray.

     That works ok, but I really want all the text to be gray, not the background color.

     I think I'm looking for a way to indirectly refer to another field using Self as the starting point, so that each field would have conditional formatting that refers to the Complete field.

     Thanks for any thoughts.