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    Conditional format formula



      Conditional format formula



           How do I create a conditional format that will highlight the entire record if one of the fields has a value in it? I can change the color of the filed itself but I can't figure out how to get the whole record to change. 



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               Put an object behind your fields that uses the conditonal format to change fill color.

               This can be an invisible text box (Put a space in the text box) or an invisible button object, or an empty field.

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                 Sorry Phil but I have no Idea how to do that. I would like to view this in the table view. So when the record is completed I can see at a glance which of the days records needs completion. Thanks!

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                   Table View changes things as you can't do that in Table View.

                   You can, however, do it this way:

                   Enter Layout mode and make sure that all the fields you want to view with your table view are actually present on the layout. You may need to use the field tool to add fields for any that were added to the view, via the Modify button. It doesn't matter how the fields are sized or positioned as long as they are on the layout.

                   Select all these fields by shift clicking them or by drawing a selection rectangle.

                   Then right click the selected group and give them all the same conditional format expression to specify a fill color.

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                     Ok, Having trouble with the format expression.   Basically I want "if the TimeID = completed, then turn all the fileds in the record blue "  I think this needs to be formula but I don't know how to write it. Thanks!

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                       If TimeID is a text field that stores the value "completed" or is a calculation field that returns the text: "Completed", then:

                       Right click one of the selected fields while in layout mode and choose "conditional format".

                       Click the Add button and select "formula is" from the drop down.

                       Then click specify to open the specify calculation dialog where you can create your expression:

                       YourTable::TimeID = "Completed"

                       Then select the blue fill color.

                       You would use the actual table occurrence name for your field in place of "YourTable". The easiest way to get that correct is to find the field in the list of files in the top left part of the specify fields dialog and then double click it to add it to your calculation.

                       You can specify this once with all the fields selected and then they will all get this same conditional format.

                       Note: Capitalization is not an issue in this expression, you can use "Completed", "completed" or "COMPLETED" and it will evaluate the same.