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    Conditional Formating Help



      Conditional Formating Help


      im building a database to record my data on all my pet reptiles and i have a lout that records medical information, on this layout is a field with value yes or no, which tells me if the animal is currently under medical attention. im trying to conditionally format this so when the animal is under medical attention it would show either a image or a text label on the main records screen over the animals photo saying something like "Medical Alert" and is the dropdown box is selected to "No" then the image or text label doesnt show. is this possible in filemaker 11?

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          Create the text "Medical Alert".  Attach conditional formatting to it which results in boolean true.  When not true, the text can disappear.  Make your text the color and size you want it when MedicalAttention is yes.  Then under conditional formatting, do this:

          ADD > (and under Condition), Formula is:  MedicalAttention  ≠ "Yes"

          ... where MedicalAttention is your field.  Now down in format, select text color and make the text the exact same color as your layout background.  It will disappear when MedicalAttention isn't Yes. :^)