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    conditional formatting



      conditional formatting




      i would like to set up a condtional formating step in which when a certain option is selected in one field, it "greys out" certain other fields and prevents the user from being able to enter data in them.


      is this possible?



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          You can certainly use conditional format to change the text color to grey, but conditional formatting will not affect the field's behavior. Search this forum for threads on "locking a record" (the advanced link works best) and you should be able to find a good description of how to use accounts and privileges to do the locking part.


          Let's say you want the fields to be grey when a checkbox formatted field has "locked" in it and normal format if it is empty:


          Use the formula option to enter:


          Not Isempty (table::lockfield)


          as the expression on each field you want to show grey (You can select all the fields and apply this conditional format once for all of them.).


          Now select a grey text color for it and the appearnce part is done.