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    conditional formatting



      conditional formatting


      Hi Group


      can conditional formatting be applied to other items like rectangles,portals or tabs etc..  I.e if a field is a certain criteria then the background rectangle graphic will change colour?





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          Not that I have been able to do.


          Typically you will see the use of a Calculation (with a Container Result) or an Auto-enter Container field that pulls colors from a utility Graphics table or something similar.  (As one way to do it)

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            You can type a space on the layout and use the text object as a "background rectangle" with conditional formatting.

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              like proposed, you can use a text containing only a space... 


              but what I like to do is to create a field for this purpose inside my database, that is a text type global and contains only a space. 

              By using a field instead of just a label gives you the possibility to play with borders too.  Then you can decide if you only want borders on the side and not on top, etc...