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Conditional Formatting

Question asked by techprodave_1 on Jun 1, 2010
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Conditional Formatting


I have a database I'd like to set up conditional formatting for.

I'm using FileMaker 10v3


I have one field (field1) that has a value list of 5 items.

Another field (field2) that is a calculation field, returning the current date, if any of the items in field1 are checked.


My purpose is to have a field, either field1 or field2 or a new field, if necessary, to become red with white text when it has been 90 Days since field1 was checked.



Record1 (today) field1 has value checked, resulting in current date being set in field2

Record2 (1 week later) field1 is unchecked, but I need field2 to carry forward the date previously set in Record1 (perhaps this is best done in a portal with a self-joining relationship?)

Record3....and each record forward would be the same as Record2

But at some point, 90 Days have elapsed and I want to be alerted by field1 or field2 turning red with white text.


So, ultimately I want to show a date in field2 when field1 has a value checked.

In subsequent records, I want to refer to that date to calculate the number of days that have elapsed.

And when 90 days have elapsed, I want conditional formatting to change field1 or field2 or a new field (if that is what is necessary) to show as Red with White text.


What I think is giving me grief, is how to carry forward a date that is placed by a calculation in field2, from record to record.


Thank you, in advance, for any assistance...

David S