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    conditional formatting



      conditional formatting


           I current have a layout in list mode and I've placed a shape in the BG of the body that changes colour under certain conditions.  One particular condition is when a variable is equal to the records ID.  This ID is create with an auto set function and not with the Get function.  I have a button covering the entire body and when you click on the record in question the variable pulls the recordID and sets the variable therefor setting off the conditional colour change.

           This works but can sometimes have several records with the same "selected" colour while the system catches up to itself.  I tried solving this but creating a script to flush the memory.

           For some reason when I use the set variable directly in the button function (when you right click) it properly sets the variable and the colours change.  If I create a script and use "perform scipt" nothing happens even if all I have is set variable in the script.  Any idea why this is the case?

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               What version of FileMaker are you using?

               If you are using FileMaker 12, is the Delineate option selected in Layout Setup?

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                 Yes it is selected.

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                   See if clearing that check box makes a difference.

                   Are you using fileMaker 12.04 or an older release of the software? If you are not using 12.04, try downloading and installing the free updater.

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                     Cleared it with no luck, still the same issue.  I'm currently using 12.04.

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                       I'm clearly missing some details here. In the List layout of my Known Bugs List Database, I have what sounds like the same set up and it works just fine. You are welcome to download a copy, go to the reports layout and click List to get to that layout and compare settings. There's also a funky looking gradient fill in a single field that marks the current record courtesy of the Deliniate option being turned on.

                       You might also experiment with removing the conditional formatting, specifying  a fill color and other appearance properties for each field in your layout where you want this appearance change and then re-select the Delineate option. Delineate limits the normal state appearance settings to just the current record so this can be a new way to highlight the current record in FileMaker 12.

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                         OK, got the issue resolved.  As I tried to break it down into further detail, I realized why it wasn't working.  I had a set variable that wasn't global so the script variable wasn't active when the conditional formatting kicked in.  That's all good now and I've added a refresh window step to remove the other conditional formatting that lagged behind on the no longer selected records.


                         As a side question, I've acidently selected the wrong object and gave it a name which I want to now remove and give to the proper object but can't seem to find it.  Is there a way to search for a particular named object in a layout?