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conditional formatting

Question asked by Matty_1 on May 9, 2013
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conditional formatting


     I current have a layout in list mode and I've placed a shape in the BG of the body that changes colour under certain conditions.  One particular condition is when a variable is equal to the records ID.  This ID is create with an auto set function and not with the Get function.  I have a button covering the entire body and when you click on the record in question the variable pulls the recordID and sets the variable therefor setting off the conditional colour change.

     This works but can sometimes have several records with the same "selected" colour while the system catches up to itself.  I tried solving this but creating a script to flush the memory.

     For some reason when I use the set variable directly in the button function (when you right click) it properly sets the variable and the colours change.  If I create a script and use "perform scipt" nothing happens even if all I have is set variable in the script.  Any idea why this is the case?