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    Conditional formatting



      Conditional formatting


           I have a ordinary text field that I want to make a bolean value. So that I can write a text and have my note tab colored. 

           How do I do that.




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               Create two conditional format expressions one for each color. Specify the desired fill color that you want when that specfic expression is true.

               So maybe your field, LayoutTableOccurrence::Color should cause the tab panel to be Red when the text "red" is entered into the color field. If so, use this expression:

               LayoutTableOccurrence::Color = "red"

               and specify a red fill color.

               Then you could create a second conditional format with this expression:

               LayoutTableOccurrence::Color = "blue"

               And specify a blue color for the tab panel's fill color.

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                 The thing is that I need to convert text in my two text fields to a boolean value so conditional formating understand that there is a value in my two text fields. How?

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                   You do not need to do any such thing.

                   My examples did not do any such conversion. They just compared the contents of the text field to text in quotes. I used "Red" and "blue" as my quoted text simply as an example. I could have set the conditional formats to change the color for any text that works for what I am trying to do with that text field.