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    conditional formatting



      conditional formatting



           I have set up the conditional formatting.  I have an artist and he has done a few series.  When I pick the artist, the series come up with the appropriate Foreign Key, BUT when I choose the Series, the number is correct, but the name is not, yet the underlying Foreign Key is correct.  Any thoughts on what I am doing incorrecty?
           Thanks in advance,

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               Could you explain how this relates to conditional formatting?

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                 In the portal, I choose an artist.  Then when I get to series (or what body of work it comes from) I get the choices 1 and 2 for example.  What happens is even if I choose the 2nd choice, I see the #2 in the Foreign Key field, but in the series field below, the I see the series that coresponds to the #1, not to #2 which I chose.


                 IF I go into the table and change one of the artists series and change it, it changes all of the occurrences.


                 Does it have something to do with Indexing?




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                   I think you're using the words Conditional Formatting for something different than what FileMaker uses that for.


                   What you're doing looks more like conditional data entry or something.

                   In any case, it might have to do with the relationships between your tables, but you will have to give us more information on how everything is set up internally, not just what is happening.

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                     I have uploaded an image of the relationship.


                     What I would like is i have an artist that could have different series of works.  When I put the artist into the portal, I would like to be able to bring up the series for that particular artist.  Now it brings up the series, the unique # is correct, but the series name is incorrect.  If I change one series in the table it changes every series column in the table for that artist.

                     Thanks for any help you might offer.


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                       So your layout is based on the Artists table occurrence (TO).  Is your portal based on the Artwork_Database_and_Notes (Column) table?

                       Are you changing the series field from the Column outside your portal (on the artist layout)?  That may change all the series in the column, if you change that field outside the portal.

                       Maybe if I could see your layout, as well, it would help, and the value list setup.

                       Would you like the portal to filter based on series chosen, but not change the series, by using the series field in the Artist table (not Column)?  You can filter by relationship or use portal filtering.  Portal filtering would allow all artwork by the certain artist to be shown or just a series determined by a global field (with your series value list).


                       Just curious, what are you doing with the Artists 2 TO? and the purpose of using the relationship by name?