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    conditional formatting



      conditional formatting


           I have a one word text field that is used for a company name.  But it has 2 different colors in the text.  When I want to hide the name of the company I use conditional formatting and make the text color white like the fill color.  Using this approach it only changes the characters of 1 color to white and leaves the letters in red.  Any ideas?

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               I would use a different approach than using conditional formatting.  I would use a calculation field If(display="T";"Company Name";"") and then insert this as a merge field on to the layout.

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                 I would guess that the second text color is a color style applied to the data in the field rather than to the layout field object.

                 When I want to hide text on a layout via conditional formatting, I use it to make the font size very large. If you have a single row of text in the 10-12 point range, a font size of 120+ will make the text disappear.