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    conditional formatting



      conditional formatting


            Hello everyone,

           I have 3 fields (A, B, C) in A and B I would like that the compilation was enabled only if in C (numeric field, drop-down menu, list values from 0 to 9) the selected value is different from 0. how? conditional formatting?


           ps.: sorry for my english

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               If you mean that you want the data in fields A and B only to be visible if the value in C is not zero:

               Method 1)

               If this if FileMaker 13 or newer, Put: YOurTable::C = 0 as the Hide Object When property for fields A and B.

               In older versions:

               Method 2)

               If these are simple 1 row fields of data, set up a conditional formatting expression of:

               YourTable::C = 0

               and specify via "more formatting..." that the font size be set very large---such 120+ points if the text in the field is normally sized at about 10-12 points.

               Method 3)

               Use the same conditional formatting expression, but change the text color to be the same color as the background.

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                 You can also right click on the fields and select conditional formatting select add and then change condition to formula is and then create a formula. probably c (does not equal) 0.