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Conditional formatting

Question asked by tays01s on Nov 18, 2014
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Conditional formatting & relationships


I want Parameters on the Patient layout to turn blue/red if below/above min/max stds, respectively.


Patient::ID = PRecord::_pt

PRecord::Sex = Stds::Sex & PRecord::Age > Stds::Age where Stds::Age is sorted by descending order.

I've got Stds and PRecords displayed on the Patient layout. So for example you can see:

Std::min & Std::max values for PRecord::Parameter1.

2 problems:

1. If I change Patient::Sex that is equal to PRecord::Sex, the Std:min/max values change correctly. However, a change in the PRecord::Age, doesn't change the Std. I have tried putting a button within the PRecord portal to set the field (Patient::Biochem_n; Biochem::__ID), but to no effect.

2. I have a mixture of ages in the PRecord portal and it can be seen that depending on which way around I put the PRecord::Age > or < Stds::Age with descending or ascending sort, records either above or below the Age threshold within Stds end up with conditional formatting as if they exceed the maximum Std.