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    Conditional formatting



      Conditional formatting & relationships


      I want Parameters on the Patient layout to turn blue/red if below/above min/max stds, respectively.


      Patient::ID = PRecord::_pt

      PRecord::Sex = Stds::Sex & PRecord::Age > Stds::Age where Stds::Age is sorted by descending order.

      I've got Stds and PRecords displayed on the Patient layout. So for example you can see:

      Std::min & Std::max values for PRecord::Parameter1.

      2 problems:

      1. If I change Patient::Sex that is equal to PRecord::Sex, the Std:min/max values change correctly. However, a change in the PRecord::Age, doesn't change the Std. I have tried putting a button within the PRecord portal to set the field (Patient::Biochem_n; Biochem::__ID), but to no effect.

      2. I have a mixture of ages in the PRecord portal and it can be seen that depending on which way around I put the PRecord::Age > or < Stds::Age with descending or ascending sort, records either above or below the Age threshold within Stds end up with conditional formatting as if they exceed the maximum Std.

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          (You can skip/ignore this paragraph if you want) It seems odd to change the value of Age in PRecord instead of in Patient. It would seem that age and Sex would both be values to define in Patient, not PRecord. And Patient could link directly to Stds, with Precord doing either a lookup or link to that data through the Patient record, but then maybe PRecord is capturing data on Patient at different points in time such that age is not always the same in every record of PRecord for a given parent record in Patient.

          But I see no reason why changing the value of PRecord::Age would not change the value linked to in Stds provided that the change is sufficient to match to a different record in stds. Whether with look up or dynamic link, a change in that value should either relookup a new value or link to a different record. You might, as a test, put a portal to stds on your layout so that you can see all related records and then watch to see if the records shown in the portal change when you change the value of Age.