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Conditional Formatting - based on radio button selections/deselections

Question asked by Kimbakat on Apr 8, 2011
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Conditional Formatting - based on radio button selections/deselections


So I have here an "Export" bar with working active buttons....which has various types of expenses we need to export to be imported into accounting software.

So as an example (see image)

The word GENERAL (button with script attached) should be dark gray and NOT BOLD. when all radio buttons in the GENERAL portal are selected.

I've tried so many variations in the conditional formatting and they just don't work.

Here is the current setting for the conditional formatting.

I've also tried conditional formula (where the Radio button only means one value "Y" for yes) I've tried....

(EXPENSES General CY::AMOUNT  ≠  0)  & ( EXPENSES General CY::ITEM PAID  = 0)

What I need it to do BE BOLD when there is an item added that has a monetary value added and NO RADIO BUTTON selected.

This means that that Item needs to be exported. (I already have exporting scripts that export it and automatically check the radio button after export - very cool)