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Conditional Formatting - How to make the default view

Question asked by JeffBroderick on Feb 24, 2015
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Conditional Formatting - How to make the default view






I have a challenge that is probably simple but I can't seem to find the simple answer.  I have an Invoice solution that uses almost an exact copy of the Starter Solution for Invoices for the "Set Payment Status" button on the bottom left of the invoice layout. I believe it's called Payment Info Popover

There is a fairly straightforward conditional formatting formula where is a payment status is indicating "Paid", the darker formatting disappears (no fill) and the "Set Payment Status" changes to "Paid", also with the date and method of payment showing up when it is marked as Cash, Check, etc..  The darker fill goes away to reveal the green background where the above "Paid", etc. is now revealed.

The default setting on a new record would be the darker (might be red - sorry, I'm color blind) fill with the message " ! Set Payment Status", since a new record will not have any of the payment method marked that indicates it was paid (Cash, Check, etc.)

My issue is that every time I create a new record, the default starts out with the green background and in order to show the "! Set Payment Status", I have to hit the "Mark Unpaid" button.  I guess I can do a workaround with  trying to activate the "Mark Unpaid" button but it seems like there should be a way to default a certain view.

What am I missing?