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Conditional Formatting - PatternCount?

Question asked by Annette on Aug 10, 2015
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Conditional Formatting - PatternCount?


 Hi, trying to get a conditional formatting to work but no matter how i write the function it isn't working.  I have two fields: ReferralTo OtherReferral ReferralTo is a checkbox field.  In the value list one of the options is Other (please specify). What I am trying to do is if Referral to has other selected (along with any of the additional options), and there is nothing written in the OtherReferral field for it to change color.  I started with this and edited it in various ways to no avail: PatternCount ( CSD_ClientForms 2::PC_ReferralTo ; "Other (please specify)"  and  IsEmpty ( CSD_ClientForms 2::PC_OtherReferral )) The field doesn't change color ever, regardless of being empty or the other fields selections/being blank. What did I do wrong?