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    Conditional Formatting a Checkbox Set



      Conditional Formatting a Checkbox Set



      I am trying to create a conditional format so that if a "Checkbox Set" is checked, then the font will change.  Any ideas?



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          The checkbox set font or the font of the check box checked ?

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            Hi sulu762, and welcome to the forum.


            Depending on which version of FileMaker you are using this can be done quite easily.


            Using FileMaker 9.0 you have the option to assign Conditional Formatting to a field based on a calculation. so all you need to do is setup the field with the value list on your layout and select it then go


            "Format > Conditional..." when the Conditional Formating dialog pops up click "Add"


            Now depending on how you want the font to change you add a calculation or select one of the predefined options.


            If you juat want it to change based on a specific value from the Condidition options select


              Value Is: Equal to: an then specify the value.


            Or you could add a calculation that is


              Formula is: TABLE::Field = "Value" 


            One you have decided on the criteria, and you can set more than one per field, you need to specify the Format.


            To get to the Font selecting you need to click on the "More Formatting..." option and another dialog will appear with more advanced formatting option including font selection.


            Now in Browse mode the checkbox set will change font when you click the specific value 


            I hope this points you in the right direction. 

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               I'm sorry for not being clear.  I have several checkbox sets where the font is currently black.  I would like the font to turn red ONLY if the box is checked.



              I downloaded the 30 trial version of FMP 9.0v3.   I've done what you've recommended and you've helped me solve 50% of my problem.  I'm trying to highlight if someone checks the box so that I don't miss any medical problems.


              My thanks to you both for responding.  I hope my problem is more clearly articulated.



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                Try playing about with the options for Text Color and Fill Color instead of Font.


                The Fill Color will change the color of the whole field which might work for you.


                Try the condition options "Value Is" and "Empty"


                Let us know how you get on.

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                  Hi sulu762


                  there is a way to conditional formatting the text color of a SINGLE box checked...


                  But you have to define so many list of a single value for each checkbox and then attach the ( single ) value list to many occurrences of the same field formatted as checkbox.


                  How many values has your value list ?

                  Are they custom values or comes from the values of a field ?


                  The solution will be easy ONLY if those values are relatively small ( in quantity ); on the contrary you have to evaluate the possibility to change your idea.

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                     I'll keep messing around with it, I'm sure there has to be a way.  It's not critical as I have already made some alterations that are "good enough" for now.  But, I would like to figure it out to make the field perfect.



                    I have nine values in the value list.

                    They are custom values.


                    I'm open to suggestions if ya got 'em. 

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                      Try this as your Conditional Formatting settings:


                      Condition "Formula Is" = 'not IsEmpty ( Self )'


                      And under Format tick the option for "Text Color" and from the color picker select Red. 

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                        What Orlando gives you will apply conditional formatting to ALL the boxes of the checkbox set, whichever box is checked.


                        The way I wish to explain you will be different: ONLY the text near the box checked will become red.


                        So go on with these:


                        1) Create a custom value list with only the first value of your present value list and name it VL1
                        2) Repeat step 1) for nine times, but every time with a new ( different ) value and a new name ( VL2, VL3...VL9 )
                        3) Place your field ( the one that now has the value list of 9 values ) on the layout but format it to display values of VL1
                        4) Repeat step 3) each time duplicating the field and formatting the same field to display values of another value list ( VL2, VL3...VL9 )
                        6) Adapt the dimension of each field appropriately to the lenght of the text
                        7) select the firs field
                        8) choose conditional formatting and put inside it this calc: Length ( FilterValues ( Self ; "theFirstValueOfYourOrignalList" ) )
                        9) repeat step 8 for all the other fields but giving every time a new value of your original value list ( the same of the value list attached )


                        This way of creating the checkbox set gives you even the ability of positioning each box where you want.

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                             Daniele,  Thank you for responding to my post.  I have tried your solution.  Unfortunately, my inexperience with this program may be a large reason why I cannot get it to work.  I have printed your solution and will continue to use it as a reference to resolve my problem.  Cheers!
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                            feel free to send me what you have now, if you wish.



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                              Thank you for your post.


                              If you are still having difficulty making it work, go into Layout Mode (View menu), select the checkbox field, pull down the Format menu and select "Conditional".  Click on "Add", and select the option "containing" or "equal to" and enter the value of the checkbox field.  Under format, click on Text Color and select the text color to be Red.


                              Let me know if this is closer to what you need.



                              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                                For FM13, this process is simple:


                                1. Say that you have an array of check boxes and you only want the check box that is selected to show up highlighted and bold. The table you are working is in named "TABLE," and the field including the check box array is named "Alphabet." Your boxes are:

                                • Apple
                                • Bear
                                • Cat


                                2. Start with "Apple." Create a text box that says "Apple" and format it so that it is bold and highlighted. Place it over the "Apple" text in your check box set.

                                • Apple
                                • Bear
                                • Cat


                                3. Now go into the Inspector, in the Data tab, Under Behavior, and select the "Hide Object When" box. In that box, input this formula: PatternCount ( TABLE::Alphabet ; "Apple" ) = 0

                                in other words,

                                PatternCount ( [name of table]::[name of field] ; "[text in the text box that you want to highlight]" ) = 0


                                4. Now, whenever you view a record that has the "Apple" box checked, the word "Apple" with be bold and highlighted.

                                Hope this helps, to anyone having issues with this!