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Conditional formatting a picture

Question asked by RickDearden on Aug 22, 2013
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Conditional formatting a picture


     Hi all,

     I'm trying to get a picture, in this case an icon of a clock, to be conditionally formatted; so when a certain condition is true it'll display the picture and when it's not - it'll be invisible.

     The picture is to show at the end of a portal line to give me a more visual indication on how a old a quote is - one clock for one week, two clocks for 2 weeks, 3 for 3 weeks, etc. etc.. Upto 5 weeks...

     At the moment I'm using conditional formatting using text to give me a graphical space which has a background colour (see attachment for pic). The picture shows how I've done it using spaces. It'd just be a lot better to do this with a clock icon!

     The 'C' that's displayed is also another conditional format for 'Chase' which I'd like to change for a telephone icon..

     The 'GF' is a gut feeling for probibility it's going to convert to an order. I'd like to change that to a thumb icon... 

     What they're for isn't important I know but hopefully it'll give you an idea what I'm trying to achieve within this portal.

     Any help would be much appreciated!