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    Conditional formatting based on active record



      Conditional formatting based on active record


      In my database, I have a table that lists out meetings with fields for firms and contacts.  Currently, the firm field and contact field are set up as buttons to take you to another layout detailing the relevant info for that particular firm or contact.  While this makes navigation easier in some regards, it inhibits data entry since people have to remember which fields you can click into directly and which fields you have to tab over to from another field.


      What I'd like to do is replicate the functionality and behavior of the little gray arrows in iTunes.  These only show up when a song (in our case, record) is the active/selected song/record, and you can click the arrow to re-direct to the iTunes Store or manipulate the text within the field.  Is there a way to create a conditional formatting formula that makes the arrow visible when that record (not necessarily that field) is active, or to hide it/make it match the background color when not?