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Conditional Formatting based on another field

Question asked by BatuhanGizer on Dec 5, 2011
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Conditional Formatting based on another field


Hey everyone,

I know about conditional formatting but I couldn't achieve something.  I have a payment plan database, and payments can be in 3 different kinds of currency.  The currency is chosen with a drop down list when the price is entered by the user; "$, €, JPY".  There can be several payments for a specific product but if the original price is in $, then the payments will be in $.  

So if the currency is chosen $ from the dropbox (PaymentPlan::Currency = "$") then I want $ to appear at the end of an entered value at a different field such as ; (PaymentPlan::Payment = "(user defined value" & "$" ).  But since there are 3 options, I couldn't figure out how to do it. To be more accurate;

Product ID: 1

Price: 1000 Currency: $

Payment No: 1      Payment: 100 (this is where I got stuck, I want "$" or "€" or "JPY" to appear at the end of user defined value (100 in this case) according to the selection at Currency field)