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Conditional Formatting Bug or Not???

Question asked by dzittin on Nov 18, 2011
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Conditional Formatting Bug or Not???


I have a script with a simple text line that will appear or not appear based on a condition. All this seems to work. When the condition is false, the text is the background color and all is well. However, when the condition becomes true, only part of the text shows up. When I removed the condition constraint, the entire text block shows.

Here is the full text:

(Flash, just discovered the problem.....I think): A script does a resize to fit when I create the window. The text is the background color when the window is created. The text then appears when certain fields are modified. When the condition occurs that triggers the text to appear, it is apparently truncated because it was not included in the resize to fit effort just after window creation. I base this observation on the fact if I manually stretch the window width a little, the entire string appears. I will try to reformat the text to make it work, but shouldn't resize to fit handle this? Or, is there something else I should be using? TIA

P.S. It's funny that this should be an issue in the case of the string I show above because there is a lot of room for it. Also (another late flash...), if I manually resize vertically and not horizontally, the string is drawn correctly indicating there was plenty of horizontal room for it. Moving the text string around to places on the layout where it will obviously fit yields the same problem.