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Conditional formatting drop down list Dilemna

Question asked by PeterDowns on Aug 25, 2011
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Conditional formatting drop down list Dilemna



I have an issue with a pair of conditional formatting drop down lists. (this is a different issue to my other drop down list posting)

The idea is in a portal where users enter costs about an activity they are undertaking, they select a drop down list with a fund called 'Fund Area' listed and this should automatically filter the next drop down list to show only the accounts in that fund to pick from, called 'Fund Account'. The portal is tied to a table called 'ProjectedCosts' inside a parent layout - 'Projects'. Fund Area is populated by table called 'Funding', Fund Account is populated by table called 'Chart of Accounts'. The are related by a field called 'CostCentreCode'.

The problem is when you pick Fund Area all Accounts are shown in Fund Account, not the ones related to their fund areas.

If I set up a blank layout with the 2 drop down lists displayed pointing to the same value lists they work perfectly filtering correctly. This blank layout is pointing to the table - Chart of Accounts and referencing the 2 value lists used in the above portal. So I know after reading every conditional formatting advice listed by PhilModJunk the FM-deity I am close. 
I can't change where the portal or layout are pointing as it is capturing other data as well.

Not sure how to proceed
Any help would be appreciated