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    Conditional Formatting Field Verification



      Conditional Formatting Field Verification



           I'm trying to create a conditional formatting change in my records based on extra space within my field data.  

           I've got a field that I am extracting from another system, that various people are entering the data into.  Occasionally they will enter a space before or after a 9 digit serial number they either paste into or manually enter into the field.  It is very difficult to locate the space especially if it occurs after the 9 digits.  When I extract the data and import it into my Filemaker verification template, I want fields with the extra space to highlight with a color, indicating the error within the field. 

           I know how to FIND the error using " " , but have not been able to figure out how to create a Conditional Format calculation to identify it. 

           Any help is appreciated.


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               Nevermind.  I guess it would help for me to activate my conditions.  I had the answer all this time and forgot to put a checkmark next to my condition to activate it.  

               Length (MyField)≠9


               This validation will return an error for any entry that contains more or less digits than 9, including extra space.

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            I realize that you have already solved your problem, but I did want to point out that I usually approach this type of problem from a different angle. What I would normally do is to go into "Manage Database", and modify the field's definition so that it will have an auto-enter calculation. Its definition could be Trim(SELF) You will also need to make sure that the calculation will overwrite existing values. This should stop this problem instead of just visually identifying it.
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                   HI Matthew, 

                   That won't work for my immediate purposes, but that is a great tip for cleaning that up in a dedicated Filemaker Database.  I'm just identifying the errors in the data, so I can create a report for the users to cleanup.  I've got probably close to 100 users that enter data.  If everyone of them makes 1 mistake then I need to clean 100 mistakes.  I want to turn that back to them so that each of them is able to clean their own work, which leaves me open to work on the stuff I'm supposed to be working on.

                   I didn't know about the Trim Command. That will come in handy.

                   Thank you.