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    Conditional Formatting for Record Updates?



      Conditional Formatting for Record Updates?


      Is there a way to apply BOLD to a record that has been updated from its original value when that value is merely a text entry?  I am relatively new to formulas, scripts, etc. so please go easy on me.  :)

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          If you defined to date fields: DateCreated and DateModified, set DateCreated to Auto-enter the creation date into the first and the modification date into the second, then this conditional format would identify those records that had been updated (except for updates via import with the auto-enter option disabled):

          YourTable::DateCreated  ≠ DateModified::YourTable

          Once a record is modified, this condition will remain true and continue to display your field with Bold text until you enter today's date into the DateCreated field. You might want to write a script for that if you want to periodically clear this indicator.