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Conditional Formatting getting inconsistent results

Question asked by LeoB on Mar 11, 2010
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Conditional Formatting getting inconsistent results


I have a database with two primary tables and four other tables.


The database has a Main Menu based off one of the primary tables.  The purpose of the Main Menu is primarily for navigation amongst the 18 user viewable layouts as the database will be run in Kiosk mode.  I also want to use it for notification, which is where the conditional formatting comes in.


Of the 21 buttons on the Main Menu, I have conditional formatting on four of them to alert the user to records requiring attention for different reasons.  The formatting looks at various field settings in the two primary tables and highlights to the user when there are records overdue, requiring approval, etc.


The conditional formatting on all four fields does work -- but not consistently.  I have test records set that should cause all four buttons to be highlighted with conditional formatting.  Two highlight consistently, but two others will not.  Of the latter, if I click on the one not displaying conditional formatting, it takes me to the layout and shows records that are true for the conditional format.  When I navigate back to the Main Menu, the button is now highlighted correctly, but then the other button (which I know is true) turns off conditional formatting.


Is there some script I can put OnLayoutLoad for the Main Menu to cause it to check all of the fields that are involved in conditinal fomatting?