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    Conditional formatting in a portal



      Conditional formatting in a portal


           I have a database that collects information about sporting matches.  On a match summary form I have a portal that contains a range of fields for statistical data for the two teams involved.  Is there a way that I can conditional format the highest value for a particular field between the two records.  The formatting is used to draw the users attention to the team that had the statistically advantage.  Example below:

                                 K         M             G

           Team A         212      54            9

           Team B         208      58            10


           Thanks for any help

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               Using field K as an example and substituting your table and field names for mine, does this example work as a conditional format expression?

               Max ( PortalTable::K ) = Self

               Note, "Max ( PortalTable::K ) might need to be put into a calculation field in your layout's table before you get the right value to use in your conditional format, but if my first suggestion works, you've avoided the need to add a calculation field.

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                 Perfect - as usual your advice is spot on!  If possible can you explain how the "self" component makes it work.  I had tried the max part but it needed your addition of the self part.

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                   "self" is a place holder that, when used in a conditional format expression, refers to the value of the object selected for this conditional format without explicitly naming it. Since only a field or a variable can hold a value, self will work in this context only with a field, and possibly a variable--though I haven't tried it in that context.

                   Self can also be used in auto-entered calculations in this same manner.