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    Conditional Formatting in fields



      Conditional Formatting in fields


      I have 4 fields on a certain table- Start Date, End Date, First Name, Last Name.  The layout view is a table.  If the current date falls within the Start Date and End Date range, or on either of those days,  I want the entire row to have red bold font. Meaning it will always update the "red" row, once the previous red row is past the dates, it goes back to black.  If it is not possible to make the entire row (4 fields) red, I would want it to at least make the Start Date red.


      Is this possible?



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          Hi J Denault


          Use the following calculation for the Conditional Formatting on the field, in Layout Mode highlight the fields you want to highlight and that can be as many as you want. Now go 'Format > Conditional...'


          A dialog will appear, click on 'Add' and under the 'Conditional' options select 'Formula is' and input the following


          Get ( CurrentDate ) ≥ TABLE::StartDate and Get ( CurrentDate ) ≤ TABLE::EndDate


          Then under 'Format' click on the tick box next to 'Text Color:' and from the colour pallet icon choose Red.


          Click 'OK' and that should do the trick.


          I hope this helps 

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               Thanks Orlando, I will give this a shot