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Conditional Formatting Issue

Question asked by ChrisGilfillen on Aug 5, 2012
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Conditional Formatting Issue




Using FMP 12 I am having a strange issue with what seems to be a simple conditional format scenario.

I have a calculated field that returns a whole number. I have a merge field of that calculated field and have applied the following conditional formatting rules:

Value is between 1 and 30 change fill

Value is between 31 and 60 change fill

Value is between 61 and 90 change fill

Value is between 91 and 130 change fill

All of these work except the final condition. Any value that falls between 91 and 130 uses the fill value from the first condition (1-30). If I change the final condition to equal one of the values in the merge field (one value is 114) than it works. Also if I change the formula for the final condition from Self≥91 and Self≤130 to Self≥91 or Self≤130 it works but it also applies that condition to null values.

If I apply the same set of conditions to the original calc field it works fine, so maybe it's a merge field issue....any help would be great.