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    Conditional formatting issue



      Conditional formatting issue


      I have a fairly simple conditional formatting formula such that if Table A::field A's contents do not equal Table B::field A's contents, then turn the box red and the text yellow.   The relationship between tables is a simple ID.


      For reasons I cannot discern, in a couple of records, the conditional formatting is triggering EVEN WHEN the contents of both fields are exactly the same.   I even cut and pasted the information into both fields so I would know that it is identical.   And then I cut and pasted the shared simple ID that connects the two table.


      Again, most of my records are working just fine.



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          Are Field A and Field B both the same field type? Both number, both text, both date....

          If that isn't the issue, I suggest posting a lot more detail about your database. The exact relationship, the exact conditional format expression and maybe some screen shots could all be helpful.

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            Okay, I was hoping maybe it was something simple that I was overlooking.   Here is more detail.


            Filemaker Advanced Pro 11.03


            Table A:

            Shotname--text, indexed.   -----linked to TableB::Shotname as an = relationship

            Final--text, indexed.

            Version#--calculation returning a number--pulled from Final, indexed.

            This information is kept up to date by VFX staff members.



            Table B:

            Shotname--text, indexed-----linked to TableA::Shotname as an = relationship

            Version#--number, indexed.

            this information is kept by persons in editorial.   They are confirming the Version# that is being used in the edit is considered the final version by the other team.


            So   Editorial enters the version# of what exists in the edit.   It is supposed to match what the VFX Staff have entered.


            The conditional formatting in what editorial is using is set as follows: 

            TableB::Version# ≠ TABLEA::Version#   (make the text yellow and the bg of the field red).


            I hope that provides enough information.    I've confirmed that the data in all relevant fields is exactly the same via cut and paste.

            Perhaps indexing is the problem?


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              In Layout Setup..., Show Records From, do you see "Table A" or "Table B" or something else? Note that this is the name of a table occurrence, one of the "boxes" found in Manage | Database | Relationships.

              Put TableB::Version# and TableAVersion# side by side on this layout.

              Do you see the same exact value in each field? (Click into each field to confirm that there are no additional values such as in a list or some such.)