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    Conditional Formatting issue



      Conditional Formatting issue




           I am using a portal to display a list of  contents ("clickable" buttons that will display more details regarding the specific content selected.) 

           I have added a conditional formatting formula on field which is the following :"$$Bouton = Liaison_NIVEAUX::Contenu_ID"

           The script run when clicking on the button is the following: 

           Allow User Abort (Off)

           Set Field [Fiches_NIVEAUX::ContenuSélectionné_ID; Liaison_NIVEAUX::Contenu_ID]

           Commit records

           Set Variable [$$Bouton; Value:Fiches_NIVEAUX::ContenuSélectionné_ID]

           Refresh Window


           My issue is that my conditional formatting used to work fine for all buttons of the portal when switching to browse mode. However, I have added a button to switch from English to French and now, THE CONDITIONAL FORMATTING DOES NOT WORK FOR SOME RECORDS. Could you please help? Please see attached screenshots


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                 The conditional format expression used requires that




                 have matching data. Is the data in these fields numbers or text?

                 My hypothesis here is that you have text in these fields and that the switch in languages is producing a change that keeps them from evaluating as equal. Perhaps that button changes the value in one field and not the other?

                 Otherwise, I can't imagine why your button to change languages would produce this result.

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                   Thank you for all the help you provided. I was able to find the source of the issue. It wasn't related to the conditional formatting but to  data formatting conflicts (data formatting vs layout formatting). I used another one of your threads to solve the issue.