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Conditional Formatting issue

Question asked by AbdoulBaldé on May 23, 2014
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Conditional Formatting issue




     I am using a portal to display a list of  contents ("clickable" buttons that will display more details regarding the specific content selected.) 

     I have added a conditional formatting formula on field which is the following :"$$Bouton = Liaison_NIVEAUX::Contenu_ID"

     The script run when clicking on the button is the following: 

     Allow User Abort (Off)

     Set Field [Fiches_NIVEAUX::ContenuSélectionné_ID; Liaison_NIVEAUX::Contenu_ID]

     Commit records

     Set Variable [$$Bouton; Value:Fiches_NIVEAUX::ContenuSélectionné_ID]

     Refresh Window


     My issue is that my conditional formatting used to work fine for all buttons of the portal when switching to browse mode. However, I have added a button to switch from English to French and now, THE CONDITIONAL FORMATTING DOES NOT WORK FOR SOME RECORDS. Could you please help? Please see attached screenshots