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Conditional Formatting not working

Question asked by chuck021 on Aug 14, 2012
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Conditional Formatting not working


I have a report where the field value is evaluated against a value from another table and through Conditional Formatting, it sets the background and the text color.  (Red bg and white text when the field value is lower than the average for the network, etc.)  It was working in FM 11, now it's not.  It's choosing one condition as true whether it is or not.   This doesn't change whether the condition is first, second,  or third in the list. 

An example: 

YTDTabulation::Service_Q1 = 6.70

SystemYTDTabulation::Service_Q1 = 6.69

Conditional Formatting is evaluating the following as True:  (Active Field is YTDTabulation::Service_Q1.

Self<SystemPeriodTabulation::Service_Q1 - .1.

Both values show up in this report, so it appears that the table relationships are working properly.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I've chased this particular rabbit for a couple of days now.