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Conditional Formatting oddity

Question asked by ahcho on Feb 20, 2012
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Conditional Formatting oddity



So I have two buttons that have conditional formatting rules based on a single field with the toggles being "Yes" and "No". The goal of the button is to communicate to the user that there is a message for a specific employee or site. Pushing the button will change the color of text (see the attached screenie).

The relationships are setup like so:



The table occurance for both "message" tables come from the same table.

So when I push the Red pawn button (the big one outside of the portal), the red pawn disappears immediately upon button press. However, when I push the little red exclamation button (small button inside the portal), the exclamation mark does not disappear. There is a script that changes the value in the tables for the conditional formatting to work. It does disappear when I leave and come back to the layout.

Has anybody else had this oddity?