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    Conditional formatting problem



      Conditional formatting problem


      FM 12 Adv. I have a global text field gName that displays a value list of names for selection. I have the field conditionally formatted to display a message in red if it is empty: If(IsEmpty (gName );"Type here to select a Food name";""). A script goes to the layout and sets gName to “” and ends. The field is blank, but the test message does not appear.

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          Conditional formatting is a property that you apply to a layout object while in layout mode. It appears that you have defined a calculation field rather than used a conditional format. (I guess that you could say that this field has a conditional value. wink)

          If you run this script and then use the mouse to click a blank area of the layout, do you then see this field display the expected value?

          If so, you just need to add a commit records step immediately after the set field step.