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    Conditional Formatting Question



      Conditional Formatting Question


      I am currently working on serial numbers and I am pulling a report from one source and comparing it to another. Is there a way that I can format a field to change colors if the same number appears more than once.  For instance in my field titled BPI - 1234 if "1234" shows up more than once can I somehow format this field to show up in a color of my choice. 


      I understand the basic concept of conditional formatting Just not when I do not know the values that will be judged.


      Thanks for any help.  

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          You'll need a way to count the matching values.


          Here's one way:


          Define a "self join" based on that field.


          In the relationships graph, find the Table (table occurrence actually) box for this layout. Let's say it's labeled "YourTable"


          Select it and click the button with 2 plus signs to make a new table occurrence that points to the same data source table, unless you change the name, it'll be named YourTable 2.


          Drag from BPI in YourTable to the same field in YourTable 2.


          Click OK to dismiss Manage | Database.


          In your conditional format, this expression:


          Count ( YourTable 2::BPI ) > 1


          Can be used to change the text or fill color to highlight duplicate values.