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Conditional Formatting questions.

Question asked by CountryBoy1 on May 2, 2009
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Conditional Formatting questions.


Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced:

  It would be nice for Conditional Formatting to allow:

        When a calculation (which uses a different field) becomes TRUE:

              I.   Use a different fill pattern.

              II.  Disable editing.


    For instance, if FieldA is set to "Yes",  FieldB is a text field which

  has a calculation that uses FieldA and it sets itself to be "No".
  Otherwise FieldB is set to "Self".  FieldB also has a drop down menu
  for allowing "Yes", "No", "??".

     When FieldB calculates to "No", it would be nice if the background

  for the cell is set to a special fill (such as cross-hatch) and the cell becomes

  disabled so that it cannot be edited.  (I already have code to change
  the background color for my logic.)


     Is anything like this possible ?  Thanks for your help.