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Conditional Formatting script help

Question asked by MarkRiddle on Oct 23, 2012
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Conditional Formatting script help


     Ok, so I'm not a whiz at writing formulas for a conditional formatting, but I'm 99% of the way there.

     I have a script that is currently working, but I need to change it to add another condition.

     Here is my current formula, which is working but needs changing:

(IsEmpty ( LATC  Registrations::Amount )  or IsEmpty ( LATC  Registrations::Check No. )) and IsEmpty ( LATC  Registrations::Partner Agency )

     Here's what I'm trying to change it to do:

     I'm tyring to have a field (payment amount) be red when the following conditions are met either singularly or together--doesn't matter:  "payment date" (checked field) is empty OR "partner agency" (checked field) is unchecked (empty) OR the "Has Credit" field is unchecked (empty). 

     Basically, if I have a person (entry) that DOES NOT meet any one of the above three conditions, the formatting on the "Payment Amount" field will be changed.

     Anybody got any help as to how I can modify or redo this script to do what I need?