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Conditional Formatting to Related Table Data w/ Portal

Question asked by drust on Dec 10, 2013
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Conditional Formatting to Related Table Data w/ Portal



     After looking around for awhile, I'm giving up and just asking this myself. 

     I have a "Worksheet" table/layout that has a portal to "Weight Check" records that are created through the relationship within the Weight Check portal on the Worksheet record. The Worksheet contains the weight parameters for the job, and I want to use conditional formatting to highlight weight check values that exceed the weight parameters. My conditional formatting calculation is:

     (worksheet_WEIGHT CHECK::weight 1  > WORKSHEET::High_wt_entered)
     (worksheet_WEIGHT CHECK::weight 1  < WORKSHEET::Low_wt_entered)
     I expected this to work but instead it displays question marks (with the conditional formatting I assigned) in place of the values of the field. If I click into the field, the question mark is replaced by the value in the field (unformatted). The weight parameters themselves are an attribute of the product being worked on, so I've tried using a calculation to display those from a separate related Product table versus entering them manually into fields in the Worksheet table - neither works. Does the calculation for conditional formatting only work when the values being compared exist in the same table? 
     If anyone can guide me on how to proceed to make this work, I'd sure appreciate it!