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Conditional Formatting to set consistent font/size

Question asked by bvondeylen on Dec 10, 2013
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Conditional Formatting to set consistent font/size


     I have a database on our FP Server where users must be changing the font/size (or pasting in data). I would like the field (Address) in all records to have the same font/size.

     I tried setting a Conditional Formatting on the field so when the field was not empty, set the Font to Verdana and Size to 10. It didn't work.

     So I tried conditional formatting so when the field began with the number "1", to change the font color to red. Well, it sorta worked. It worked on all records except those records where the user had changed the font/size. Those records remained black. The records where the user did NOT change font/size had the text color change to red.

     So, now I am puzzeled. How can I use Conditional Formatting to set a field to always display contents using Verdana 10pt?