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Conditional Formatting with Portals

Question asked by CurtPeredina on Jul 23, 2013
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Conditional Formatting with Portals


     I have a layout which contains two portals. One portal has time entry for the aircraft layout being viewed, one portal record for each time the aircraft status is updated.....

     The second portal contains other information for scheduled maintenance. Some of these portal records have aircraft times which cannot be exceeded.

     On the layout that contains these two portals, I have a field which displays the highest time from the first portal (a calculated field)- this field on the main layout is named <<status_entry::max_hobbs>>

     Is it possible to conditionally format records to highlight in the maintenance portal when the time on a maintenance record exceeds the time from the max_hobbs field on the main layout?

     In other words, when the hobbs time exceeds a maintenance record, that maintenance record is conditionally formatted...I can't seem to get it to work :)

     Thanks once again!