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    Conditional Formatting with Stored Color Values



      Conditional Formatting with Stored Color Values


      So I did some searching but can really find a solution.

      The problem is very simple.  Im building a simple solution to store game scores.  I have team information stored including team colors.  I would like to find a way to have conditional formatting on my layout that references the stored values for primary and secondary colors for the team.  Obviously I would have formatting across the layout change corresponding to the respective teams.  Is there an elegant way to do this?

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          Back before we had conditional formatting, we still produced this result through other means by storing the colors in container fields.

          You can create rectangle objects on a FileMaker Layout and specify the desired fill color, then copy it to the clip board, enter browse mode and paste it into a container field. You can set up a container field for the team colors in your team table and put your colors into those container fields. You can then put this field (probably behind other objects as a "background") on any layout where you can put your other fields from the team table.